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Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

This is the time of year the birds are migrating and there are several species that land in the Klamath Basin and Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuges. I haven’t been in a few years, and I go for the Bald Eagles. Over the years I would see several, six at a time in a tree or flying overhead. This year we saw four. My parents and I headed out Sunday morning and the weather was mild. When we got to the visitor center, which was closed, something didn’t look right. We walked across the street on the trail, and it immediately hit me – no water in the marsh! As we drove along on the Auto Tour Route we saw more of the same. There were a few spots with water where the birds congregated. You can read more about it from the Klamath Basin Refuges Facebook page here.

From Top Left

  1. Bald Eagle on the Auto Route.

  2. Tule Lake Sump.

  3. Discovery Marsh walking tour across the street from the visitor's center.

  4. Once upon a time there was water up to the observation deck.

  5. The same Bald Eagle. It stayed put for a long time allowing me to get close up with my 400mm lens.

  6. Willow tree in front of the red building on the Discovery Marsh walking tour.

  7. I was too far away to identify the white birds flying in front of the mountain but it was awesome to see.

  8. 2019 photograph of the marsh for perspective.

  9. Another photo taken January 2019 at the Discovery Marsh walking tour.

  10. Regal Bald Eagle.

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