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Morels, Yes Please

The Memorial weekend camping trip was fun in so many ways. Sunny days, beautiful snow-covered Mt. McLaughlin, and morels. I’ve foraged for morels in the past, sometimes deliberately and sometime by accident, and had no expectation of finding any on this trip. Low and behold they were right in the camp site! A short walk to the meadow and we found a few more. It was so fun seeing the excitement when someone spotted a morel. We incorporated them into our dinners and brought some home. For those who have never tried one, they have an earthy aroma, are meaty, and taste delicious. I like to cook them in butter with garlic and S&P. Simple.

We enjoyed our bounty of morels on pizza, quesadillas, and in Dana’s ramen soup while camping. I also fried them in butter and garlic with polenta. Tonight, will be mushroom pasta.

Cheers! Erika

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