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May Post: Settling into the new Norm.

March and April felt like a strange transition. I had some good days, and some days I felt stir crazy. I'm grateful that we can go outside and take a walk, sit on the patio and enjoy the view, and run to the local grocery store for essentials. Even though we're social distancing I feel closer to my family and friends. FaceTime, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams have us more connected than ever. Discovering the versatility of jackfruit has been a highlight. I'm a believer - it does taste like pork!

1. Perfectly seared tuna. The crust is made with black sesame seeds, sesame oil, roasted garlic, black pepper, and soy sauce.

2. Bloody Mary and Grilled Cheese from one of my favorite restaurants Morning Glory. I love this cookbook!

3. HIGHLIGHT - A must try! BBQ jackfruit loaded totchos.

4. Lazy Sunday morning blueberry pancakes.

5. Fresh fruit. Exploring different lighting techniques for my eCornell class.

6. Seared scallops in cast iron.

7. Seared scallops on top of arugula pesto served with salad and roasted vegetables.

Cheers! Erika

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