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Let it Grow, Let it Grow!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

It’s coming up on a year since the Almeda fire swept through Phoenix, Talent, and Ashland. August has come and gone – the smoke levels fluctuating from Unhealthy to Stay Indoors. Sound depressing? Some days it is and others, when there is a glimpse of blue sky and breath of fresh air, gives hope that this is temporary, and the rain will come again. New growth, pretty sunsets, and the wild animals going about their business like it’s just another day. The important thing is to find the positives and I hope I captured some of that in these photographs. Happy Labor Day!

Images from top left:

1. Butte Falls, OR

2. Sunrise. Medford, OR

3. Rain fall over Roxy Ann. Medford, OR

4. Bear Creek Greenway, Ashland, OR

5. Sunflowers. Talent, OR

6.Hummingbird. Medford, OR

7. New Growth. Talent, OR

8. Fawn. Phoenix, OR

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