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Capturing Delicious Food Photos

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

This year is going to be filled with new culinary adventures and I’m excited to share them with you. Andrew Scrivani’s Food Photography course has inspired me to work in my studio at home. It’s a more controlled setting as far as light and background. The few shots I got while dining out were fun, but I had to be fast as the others at the table were hungry and ready to eat. Do these photos make you hungry? I hope so. Cheers!

1. Lobster-Stuffed Avocado - tempura fried, surimi-crab and lobster salad, sriracha, spicy aioli, atomic sauce, eel sauce, habañero masago, green onion, sesame seeds. I used the cork wine list as a backdrop for this photo. Smokin Fins, Idaho Falls, ID

2. Tossed Salad. Amy makes delicious jar salads and I prefer to eat them on a plate. I took this photo on the balcony because I like the wood decking and the lighting was good.

3. Tofu taco bowl. I wanted to get a macro shot of the toppings and have the tortillas slightly blurred out. 28mm f 2.8 1/125 ISO 1600

4. Black bean street tacos. This was taken with my Sigma 70mm Macro Art lens. The rice could be in better focus but overall I think it's a pretty good photo.

5. Tuscan kale soup. The inspiration for this came right after watching the episode in which the students in Andrew Scrivani's class had to arrange their props and take photos.

6. Prepping the mushroom, spinach quiche. I wanted to get some motion captured and it wasn't easy. I think I took a dozen photos to get the right one.

7. Mushroom, spinach quiche. It turned out as delicious as it looks.

8. Butternut squash, mushroom risotto. It's recommended not to use blue plates but I think it works here because of the bright orange color of the squash.

9. Veggies for Bánh mì. I moved the coffee table in front of the window to get the shadows from the afternoon sun.

10. Tofu Bánh mì. Note to self - eliminate the red toaster. There were three Bánh mìs and I cropped out the one that was in front of the toaster because it was distracting.

11. Crispy tofu on couscous with roasted vegetables. This one was taken with my iPhone 11pro. The phone cameras are impressive and I use it a lot when I'm dining out.

12. Steak Flatbread - Marinated Grilled Steak, Swiss Cheese, Arugula, Charred Tomatoes, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Balsamic Syrup, Whole Wheat Flatbread Crust. Biscotti’s Peppermill Casino Resort, Reno, NV. I'm not in love with this photo but it sure was delicious.

13. Madame Kimura - Applewood smoked Canadian bacon, spicy ricotta cheese, Onsen egg, topped with Muenster. Kimura Toast Bar, Portland, OR. The lighting in the restaurant was perfect for this shot. Bright and natural.

14. Amy’s date, walnut, sourdough wheat bread with cherry, plum jam. Another close up to capture the rustic qualities of the bread and homemade jam.

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