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Culinary adventures and local cuisine in Ajijic, Mexico

It’s been four months since moving to Ajijic, Jalisco and we have had some amazing food. That coupled with the local wine, tequila cocktails, and views of Lake Chapala make for the perfect dining experience. I’ve met some wonderful chefs and others passionate about cooking and eating good food. The dining experience is relaxed, and we’re not rushed at the end of the meal with a check. I appreciate the hospitality and friendliness towards us. Below is a snapshot of delicious dishes I’ve tried, ranging from local cuisine that’s been elevated to original street food.

  1. Finca La Estramancia Sparkling Rosé.

  2. Akali Gourmet Papa pave, tocino teriyaki y sashimi de salmón.

  3. Finca La Estramancia charcuterie wine paring.

  4. Street corn.

  5. Vendor selling local fruit.

  6. Kicked up patatas frites as you like!

  7. Casa Treeskel's grilled salmon.

  8. Emmanuel's Experiences grilled Shrimp cooked with color peppers butter and garlic accompanied by mole amarillo.

  9. Pancho's Deli Market bagel with lox, sun-dried tomatoes, & capers.

  10. Emmanuel's Experiences sweet tamal with rice pudding and mole rosa.

  11. Pancho's Deli Market flan and Liquor 43.

  12. Corona del Valle Mezcla del Tintos bright cherry, very approachable. A crowd pleaser!

  13. Akali Gourmet's take on chiles en nogada as a hamburger.

  14. Chef Victor Cardenas Tlapique Tamal.

  15. Blue Rose Mezcal and Tequila cocktails.

  16. Pozole is a traditional soup or stew from Mexican cuisine.

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